First Legion Caucus 1919 – 13 Years later the Sons were born.

The Sons of The American Legion (SAL or Sons) was made in 1932 as an association inside The American Legion The S.A.L. is made up of young boys and men of all ages whose fathers or grandfathers served in the United States military branches and qualifies for membership within The American Legion.  If the qualifying member is alive, they must be an active member of the American Legion.  If they are not living, then the individual wishing to join must show proof of that persons qualifying duty of service.  A DD Form 214, Military burial papers or some document verifying the father or grandfather’s duty of service during the designated times required to qualify.

Newport Harbor Post 291 consist of four entities, the Legionnaires, the Auxiliary, the Sons and the Yacht Club and together we make up The Legion Family.  The Legion Family as a whole, places high values on preserving our American history, traditions and beliefs, thus demonstrating our patriotism in giving back by improving the quality of life for our country’s children, extending a helping hand and finances in caring for veterans and their families, and demonstrating by imparting the fundamentals of good citizenship within the community.

The Sons have always been an integral part of the Legionnaires and the rest of the Family.  We participating financially and volunteering our time and service with the numerous Legion Family programs and fund raisers held throughout the year.  Our combined Family at Newport Harbor Post 291 boosts a combined total membership of approximately 6,500, with the Sons membership at approximately 1,500.  The Sons typically contribute approximately $$$ annually to ???, ???, ???.

Just as every Legion post decides the degree of its administration to the local community, state and country, so every S.A.L. squadron is allowed the adaptability in arranging projects, programs and fund raisers to meet their own particular needs and budgets.

There are numerous number of men who are members of The American Legion as Legionnaires and as Sons, honoring their fathers and/or grandfathers.  Or often times they started off in their youth as a Son while their father was in the service, then as they became old enough to join the military, they continued as a Son and also joined as a Legionnaire.  Those members are known as a Dual Member or as a “Dualie.”

The Sons of The American Legion is one of several patriotic associations that sponsors and supports the Citizens Flag Alliance, a coalition structured to secure the protection of our American flag through legislation and an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The Sons volunteer time and finances to establish community awareness.    They also communicate the importance of respect for the flag and encourage flag education programs in schools and other local organizations.