AL Sons 291 Campaign “Fishing Was Fun In May”


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Thanks for joining us and if you didn’t,  join us June 27th for the next one!

Get involved! Get on a committee!

The Sons – Serving those who have served

The Sons of the American Legion  operates under the Post’s 501 (c) 19 tax exempt status.  Any organization or individual that donates to the Sons, either money or gifts-in-kind can obtain, if requested a yearly letter stating the sum of the said donation to be used for tax purposes. 

We team together with the rest of the Legion Family in promoting fundraising events, generating revenue to help support the many charities and groups we contribute to.  Our local squadron typically raises and donate an average of between $25,000 – $30,000 per year; and have done so consistently for the last decade.  Together with your added support and contribution, we can begin topping that number and expanding our outreach to additional areas of need.  Our primary focus is geared towards wounded and displaced veterans and their families as well as numerous groups who help children in need.  The following will give you some idea of how we work and what we’ve been able to accomplish. 

The Donations Committee:
The Donations Committee is comprised of 7 voting members and 2 ex officio members, the Commander and the Finance Officer. Donation requests are considered by the Committee with input from the Commander and the Finance Officer. If the Donation is approved and is $250 or less a check is made out and delivered to the specified recipient. For approved Donations of more than $250, the Committee recommends the Donation to the Executive Board. If the Executive Board approves, the Donation is presented to the General Membership at the next meeting for a vote. If the membership approves, the donation is made as described above. (View Report)

Donations Philosophy:
We generally aim to support the Military, their families and Children. The Donation Committee prefers to make donations locally, to small or unknown charities and service organizations. We prefer to be the “big fish in a small pond”. That being said, there are donations that go to larger organizations, such as the USO Transfer Centers at Los Angeles International, Ontario International and Palm Springs Airports.

Donations Made:
There are two basic types of Donations, recurring and one-time. Currently our Squadron is donating approximately $30,000 per year. The recurring Donations are to those organizations that get “the most bang for the buck” and/or provide notable services to the military or children in our area.

Present Recurring Donations include the following:

  • Sons of the American Legion Child Welfare Fund
  • Sons of the American Legion, Dept. of CA – Junior SAL of the Year Scholarship Fund
  • Newport-Mesa School Foundation
  • Walking Shield
  • Bob Hope U.S.O. Center (includes Ontario and Palm Springs facilities)
  • Chino Air Museum – Planes of Fame
  • Orangewood Children’s Home

Recent One-Time Donations include the following:

  • CHOC Children’s Foundation – CHOC Follies
  • Marine Corps – Afghanistan Care Paks
  • Giving Children Hope – Port Hueneme Naval Base
  • Operation Enduring Freedom Monument Fund
  • Final Honor – Miramar National Cemetery Horse-Drawn Funeral Carriage
  • Knots of Love – Hand-knitted Chemotherapy Caps
  • Guide Dogs of America
  • O.C. Peace Officers Memorial Monument
  • Giving Children Hope – School Backpacks w/ Food for Families
  • American Cancer Society – Sponsor SAL Members in “Relay for Life”
  • Wheelchairs for Veterans – SAL Squadron 328
  • Girl Scouts – Cat Condos, Food & Towels for Animal Shelter
  • Cop Bowl – Student Scholarships

If you have or know of a need and would like to submit a request for a donation for the committee to review, please format your request per our requirements. 

Download Request Form, print, fill out and mail in.